Homeless. Couch Surfing. Job Loss. Surprise.

[Just all in a day’s offering at Choices. This was originally written for December’s considerate and generous supporters. Our desire each month is to give a glimpse of mission at Choices.]

Thanks be to God for you considerate and generous people! I’m just off the phone with Beth, a customary and welcome time of conversation where we dialogue about people coming in for help, resources we have available and how best to come alongside those in hard places with pregnancies and parenting.  At Christmastime there is even more of a desire to be hope to another as we are all so much more aware of our loneliness, loss and need.  Here’s what it currently looks like:

A young mama who’d been diligently working to provide for her little one, has just had her hours cut in half.  She gave her last supply of food to her baby. Our advocate, having been a friend for more than a year, went to the store to purchase groceries for she and her family.

First words: “Right now I’m homeless…kind of couch surfing. I’m not in any place to have a kid.” Today’s words: “My partner is REALLY getting into this father stuff! We have a place to live!”  This scared pregnant woman was nervous and hungry  – her hunger was physical, but also emotional and spiritual. She was invited to a ‘relational’ lunch at our office – two people, one in deep need of care, the other present and attentive, both sharing a meal that meant much more than mere calories. The future?  Uncertain. That’s the place we spend much time – and we are grateful for small movements of goodness.

A couple coming in with these words: “We weren’t planning a family. We were careful. My boyfriend didn’t think he could have kids. It miraculous – God has things happen for reasons.” Yes indeed, and we’re happy to be able to journey with this sweet couple as they discover some of those reasons.

If I had the time, I’d write a book that communicated the beautiful stories of hope we are blessed to be part of, to experience, to witness and to give thanks. For now, please know how much we appreciate your part in these ongoing, life-changing stories of human hearts held, cared for (often transformed), but always seeking hope beyond what is, to what could be.

Today I heard these words that reflect part of the beauty of Choices mission: “Hope doesn’t mean that it’s always going to work out. Sometimes it’s just knowing that you’re going to be okay.”  Amen, and may it be so.

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